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    Firstly, thanks for visiting our website and I hope you enjoy browsing through some of the weddings we have covered. I consider myself very fortunate to have such a great job! Filming a couple's wedding day is one of the most rewarding things one can do, and we don't take it lightly. Having travelled the length of the country I can honestly say we have been lucky enough to work in some of the most beautiful locations, but that's not the best part of what we do.

    It's fair to say that over the years we have been lucky enough to work with some incredible couples, with their own unique stories. Most have been on an emotional journey and experiencing the joy of their wedding day with them is an incredibly enriching experience. We work hard to convey the feelings and emotions that were present on that special day through to the finished wedding film. We don't just want to document the day but produce something that will be timeless and continue to provide years of enjoyment by allowing couples to re-live one of the best days of their life!

Gemma & Josh – A Wedding at Stanley House

It was great to be back at Stanley House again this year and not least a first for us to film at the lovely St Mary’s Church just around the corner. Stanley House has a very rural feel to it and I love the open landscape surrounding it. Mix in a bit of sunshne and it makes for a fabulous day. Was also great to work alongside Lottie from Lottie Designs who is a very talented photographer.

There was a lot of excitement at the house in the morning and plenty for us to film. I love it when there are lots of people all buzzing round, it had a great vibe to it and set the tone for the rest of the day. It would be fair to say that Gemma & Josh were made for each other and the couple just soaked up the whole day in utter enjoyment. I could go on about how many special moments there were but I will let the highlights speak for themselves….

Jenni & Jonny – A Jewish Wedding at Emirates Old Trafford

Loved shooting at Emirates Old Trafford which is the home of Lancashire County Cricket Club. This venue is huge with a great back drop on match days for anyone wanting to enjoy a bit of cricket. The Point’s enormous 7 metre windows allow unrivalled views of the whole pitch and as luck would have it it was a pretty nice day. It was so good to be able to film Jenni and Jonnys wedding as we had filmed Jenni’s brothers marriage the previous year (see Charlotte and Dan). Always nice to work with familiar faces and they have a great bunch of friends and family that made the day so special.

Also worth a mention is Ruth from Ruthless Images, she’s a real diamond and great to shoot alongside, I love her work and she has a relaxed approach which I like. Also the incredible team from Storm who did a great job of keeping the party in full flow until the late hours. I dont know what it is about Storm but they always have a great line up, and sound amazing. Always look forward to working with them.

Château de Challain – Lulu & Jacques

Such an amazing time filming Lulu and Jacques wedding in France. They had chosen the beautiful Château de Challain in the Loire Valley area and the place is just incredible. This wedding was the first of two wedding we filmed during our one week stay in France, filming at Chateau de Challain and then travelling down to the Dordogne area later and filming at Chateau La Durantie. Spending a week in rural France during the summer was just amazing and we thouroughly enjoyed our time there. I have to say at this stage a huge thanks to our hosts during our stay firstly at Moulin Geant in Loire Valley and also Chambres d’hôtes in Brouillac for looking after us while we were there.

I dont know what it is about French Chateaux weddings but they have a very relaxed feel about them, I think its the french way to be a little laid back and Im sure the lovely weather helps. What the film doesnt actually show is the brief down pour just minutes before the ceremony and I have to commend Cynthia and the crew at Chatea Challain for doing a remarkable job of negating any impact this had on the day, it really was a sight to see everyone running round taking chair covers off and then drying the area before resuming the days events one hour later when the weather decided to behave itself. I could go on about what a memorable day this was but hopefully the highlights provide a brief glimpse of what a special time everyone had. Enjoy!

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